Project Description

Valpolicella DOC


The grapes that make up the Amarone are subjected to a particularly unusual vinification process, which consists of slow loft-drying and lengthy fermentations. The grapes are selected on the vine, before harvesting, according to how healthy they are and their quality. Once placed on the rushmats, the grapes dry slowly and naturally for a few months, at least until February. During this period, from November onwards, the grapes become covered with what is known as “noble rot”, a characteristic mould that renders the end product quite unique. The must obtained by crushing the dried grapes is subjected to maceration for 25-30 days; during this period alcoholic fermentation begins, often using indigenous yeasts. After the lees have been drawn off, the future Amarone is matured for a number of years in small Slavonian oak barrels in order to enhance its complex organoleptic characteristics. This great wine benefits from lengthy ageing in the bottle.


This is one of the classic wines of the Veneto, renowned the world over for its complexity and unmistakeably full-bodied aroma. As soon as it is poured, it is clear to the connoisseur that this is a particularly fine, noble wine, perfectly structured and richly aromatic. Extremely attractive, bright, intense red colour, with subtle hints of aged tobacco and incense; on the nose it reveals an extraordinarily complex, penetrating bouquet, in which subtle hints of wild blackberry and forest raspberry give way to nuances of nuts and spices. Wellrounded, lingering and dense on the palate, bringing together all the fruity overtones of its creamy texture in a swirl that builds up to a stylishly tannin-rich finish.


An austere, aristocratic wine perfectly suited to facing up to the challenge presented by richly-flavoured meat dishes. Superb, therefore, with large and small game and wild fowl; also especially suitable with hard, mature cheeses. Its assertive character and high alcohol content make it an ideal, exclusive conversation wine to drink on its own.