Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Villa Cornaro, one of the most popular labels in our range, was awarded the prestigious Bronze Medal at the 2020 edition of IWC – International Wine Challenge, one of the most influential wine competitions globally.

Now in its 38th edition, the International Wine Challenge is based on an absolutely impartial wine evaluation process: the judges in fact test the product without knowing price and producer, and the various labels are grouped solely by type and origin. Each wine is tasted by a minimum of eight judges before being awarded; this punctual and precise tasting criterion is respected and approved by the sector at an international level.
Examining the Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Villa Cornaro, the judges found it

lovely mousse, clean, zesty, fresh and lively on the palate

features that punctually distinguish our label, rewarding the care that Toser Vini has always paid in the cultivation of vineyards and the passion infused by the master winemakers in every single bottle.

A milestone of excellence that repays the company for the effort aimed at quality, and gives further impetus to face the important challenges that the market presents with renewed enthusiasm.