Toser Vini: Back to the roots of wine

Toser Vini is a prestigious, family-run wine-making company with over 90 years of activity, which has managed to build up a privileged position on a highly competitive market by matching professionalism and genuine passion for the art of vinification – arising from its owners’ ancient vintners origins – with cutting edge production technologies implemented in full-respect of tradition at all times, all of which makes a contribution to the excellent quality of its vast range of fine wines.

Development and growth after the War

Toser Vini has been owned and held since the very beginning by the Tombacco family, whose vitivinicultural roots date back to the first decades of the 20th century, and which made its official debut on the Italian wine-making scene in 1919 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of great grandfather Lodovico.

The founder was succeed at the end of the II World War by his son Sergio, who had the foresight to lead the company to grow and expand on a national level.

Third generation: New challenges

Today, the third generation of the family – Giorgio, Valerio and Marco – supported by the innovative skills of the freshmen Michele and Maddalena (the latest in the genealogical tree to join the business), is committed to continuing the well-launched expansion process by enthusiastically facing the challenges of market internationalisation, though maintaining a strong sense of interdependency with the territory.

The winery is set in the eastern side of Veneto, in the hearth of a sun-drenched landscape of natural beauty being one of the most wine-prolific all over the region. This generous territory is widely known to be ideal for wine growing and for giving truly inimitable fresh, lively flavours and fragrances to the grapes, set against a noble, full-flavoured background. Only the best selected grapes produced by this fertile land are worthy to be bottled by Toser Vini experienced oenological crew, thus becoming a unique piece of a superior wine collection. Production includes all of the most renowned and appreciated wines of the area, such as Prosecco and Pinot Grigio.

All of the wines carefully hand-crafted by Toser Vini reveal the secret hidden away in the very nature of our land, a fortunate blend of soil, climate, experience and respect for tradition.